Adult Learning Disability Services of Excellence.

New Horizons Partnership Ltd., delivering services in the North West of Ireland; provides a comprehensive range of support and services to individuals with (mild-moderate) learning disabilities; through a network of community-based projects.

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New Horizons Partnership

Opening Doors, Opening Minds.

Since 1995, New Horizons Partnership Ltd. has been a committed Community / Voluntary organisation; wholly funded by the Western Health & Social Care Trust (WHSCT) (Learning Disability) in Northern Ireland to provide services of excellence to school leavers and adults of all ages with learning disabilities; supporting and equipping each referred individual with the appropriate skills, knowledge and confidence required to enrich and improve the quality of their lives and the lives of their families. This is done through providing accredited training and enrichment learning opportunities – both in the classroom and through meaningful ‘hands on’ Community placement experience(s) which, if possible, can progress to supported paid employment in the open labour market locally.

Great futures begin here

Every one of us has dreams and aspirations – goals which we want to achieve and we do this by working with others and taking small steps towards success. Working towards the future by learning new things, achieving more independence and becoming a valued member of society is within the reach of all of us

New Horizons Partnership

Hope in motion

      Training and Community – supported opportunities

      Learning disability support services

      Social enterprise – horticulture

       Independent travel training and work-readiness training

New Horizons Partnership

For a brighter tomorrow

Clients are referred to our services and their needs are assessed and a suitable training programme and employment path mapped out with them through a person centred planning approach.

New Horizons Partnership

Empowering our service users, living with learning disabilities, to have the future they want!

New Horizons Partnership


Providing clients in the classroom or in real life settings (sheltered in the first instance – i.e. within the organisation); with work competencies and specific vocational and life skills through structured and quality – assured training.

New Horizons Partnership

Community            Engagement

Clients follow a realistic and achievable vocational path through placement experiences and opportunities with employers / businesses close to their own homes; trained, inducted, supported and monitored by our Community Services Team.

New Horizons Partnership

Specialised learning resources

For organisations which provide training and services to individuals with learning disabilities, appropriate learning resources, we acknowledge, are relatively difficult to find.