Community Opportunities

New Horizons Partnership Ltd. provides accredited vocational training opportunities for individuals who have an learning disability in their own local Community through ‘hands-on’ meaningful roles in ‘real – life’ environments.  We call these supported community opportunities and they are with businesses in the work-field of choice of our trainee. New Horizons Partnership Ltd has been in operation since 1995 and is fully funded for the delivery of services to the LD population, by WH&SCT (LD).

New Horizons Partnership

What do you mean by Learning Disability?

“A Learning Disability is a Lifelong impairment of the mind ...’ which can mean it may take the person longer to grasp terms and social situations. Our referred clients will receive the support required uniquely by him / herself - academically or practically. With adequate support and training however our referred clients have the ability to be successful in his/her chosen field

What support will the trainee have?

From initial assessment to career development, a trainee will have adequate tailored support during the whole process


I’m an employer, will it cost me anything?

There will be no financial implications for the business providing the placement opportunity. New Horizons Partnership Ltd. just asks that you consider offering a Community opportunity / work placement as part of the overall training package.

Steps Taken and Advantages

Initial Meeting / Vocational Profiling – Our trainee is assigned a Community Opportunity/Support Officer who, along with the Client Services Coordinator will  discuss career options with the trainee and his/her family or support network

Job Preparation – The necessary training will be carried out in vocational and identified required life skills in preparation for the ‘transition’ into the local Community and all the benefits that this offers

Job Trial – Our Community Opportunity Support Officer contacts local employers and businesses, explaining who we are, what we do and the levels of support on offer arranging a relevant placement on a partnership basis

‘Work’ Experience – Our organisation offers free Disability Awareness training to co – workers of the New Horizons Partnership Ltd trainee which enhances the experience for everyone involved and assists in understanding and ultimately the success of the placement

Job Coaching – Our Team member job coaches the trainee over a number of hours, days or weeks depending on what is required – until the trainee is confident and able to continue with reducing support –  monitoring visits continue and the business/employer knows that the organisation can be contacted at any time for support/input

Career Development – Our Community Placement Support Officer explores options for trainee progression within work – new tasks can be added increasing independence and the sense of achievement. The placement CAN progress to paid (usually) part time employment if this is the individual’s wish/aspiration. Alternatively, other options can be ‘sampled’ using this process until the trainee is happy that/he she has identified their job of choice

Advantages for our Trainee:

> Builds self– confidence and self– efficacy.

> Person– centred goals set out are achievable.

> Helps you to feel a valuable part of the community, promoting social integration and inclusion.

> You can gain an accredited qualification in a vocational setting.

> You gain knowledge, experience and skills.

> Develops your self- advocacy skills.

> Gives you a chance to develop personally and professionally.

> Helps you to identify with others and gain self– worth.

Advantages for you as an employer:

> Gain a hardworking and dedicated member of staff.

> Raises disability awareness among staff.

> Makes your organisation an example of diversity and good practice.

> Promotes equal opportunity within workforce.

> Raises company profile within local community.

> Gives a person with an learning disability the opportunity to develop personally and professionally within their career.