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Training and Community support services of excellence for adults with mild / moderate learning challenges in the North West of Ireland. Empowering our service users, living with learning disabilities, to have the future they want!

New Horizons Partnership

New Horizons Partnership Ltd

New Horizons Partnership Ltd delivering services in and around the Tyrone/Donegal border region, through the rural areas of Sion Mills, Castlederg, Plumbridge. Artigarvan etc; provides a comprehensive range of support and services to individuals with (mild-moderate) learning disabilities; through a network of community-based projects in and around the border region of Co. Tyrone (with Donegal); as well as facilitating some clients who reside in the city of Derry and surrounding area. Our Head Office and base in Northern Ireland is in Strabane, County Tyrone where we have our social enterprise – Strabane Garden Centre which is open all year round.We have in total 45 adults ranging from 19 years to retirement age, availing of their own person-centred, Western Health & Social Care Trust (Learning Disability) – funded programme on either a full-time or part-time basis.

Opening Doors, Opening Minds

Since 1995, New Horizons Partnership Ltd. has been a committed Community / Voluntary organisation; wholly funded by the Western Health & Social Care Trust (WHSCT) (Learning Disability) in Northern Ireland to provide services of excellence to school leavers & adults of all ages with learning disabilities; supporting & equipping each referred individual with the appropriate skills, knowledge & confidence required to enrich & improve the quality of their lives and the lives of their families.

This is done through providing accredited training and enrichment learning opportunities – both in the classroom and through meaningful ‘hands on’ Community placement experience(s) which, if possible, can progress to supported paid employment in the open labour market locally. Each individualised programme is based on the individual’s own aspirations, wishes and abilities and on a specially created Person Centred Plan.

Through our various Projects, our referred clients can enjoy and benefit from opportunities in their own local Communities promoting self-determination, maximisation of personal potential, true community integration and encompassing all the best of the joined-up, forward-thinking and person – centred approach utilised within the WH&SCT in securing the well-being and the futures of our clients living with learning disability. We will be delighted to take your call to discuss your needs at Strabane Head Office!

New Horizons Partnership


Providing clients in the classroom or in real life settings (sheltered in the first instance – i.e. within the organisation); with work competencies and specific vocational and life skills through structured and quality – assured training. Delivered by a qualified and committed training and community opportunity staff Team; study timetables correspond to the schools/colleges academic year (September – June). Student feedback is consistent and continuous – instilling confidence, boosting self-esteem and maximising independence. All achievement is carefully recorded in the client’s Record of Achievement / CV which is a great source of pride for all involved!

New Horizons Partnership

Community Engagement

Clients follow a realistic and achievable vocational path through placement experiences and opportunities with employers / businesses close to their own homes; trained, inducted, supported and monitored by our Community Services Team. The preferred and hoped – for outcome can be a position of paid employment (usually part time) in the open labour market for each client who seeks this.

New Horizons Partnership

Specialised Learning Resources

For organisations which provide training and services to individuals with learning disabilities, appropriate learning resources, we acknowledge, are relatively difficult to find.

We have designed & developed a series of learning resources and programmes used to teach adults with learning disabilities in the areas of work and travel. NewHop Skills for Work consists of eight units of general work skills content and four units of vocationally-orientated content. NewHop Skills for Travel is a complete travel training programme for organisations working with people with learning disabilities, who wish to teach their end users safe, independent travel. We also train the staff of other organisations similar to ours; to deliver this quality – assured Independent Travel Training Programme through a Train the Trainer course (delivered U.K. and R.O.I. – wide).